West Coast of Ireland


J and I had a nice little driving trip in Ireland. We flew into Dublin, spending a half day there. We were so tired from the lack of sleep on the overnight flight we only managed to do a tour of the Book of Kells at Trinity College. We spent a night at Cabra Castle outside Dublin, then went West to Donegal and worked our way south, spending nights in Westport, Ballyvaghan,  Dingle, and Adare.

It was a beautiful trip. Ireland is a fun place to drive around, despite everyone driving on the wrong side, the roads being extremely narrow and wall-lined, and the speed limits being alarmingly high on tiny curvy roads. We had surprisingly hot and sunny weather, with temperatures regularly getting into the 80s. While the sunny weather was nice, it made for more boring scenery. I was hoping for more days with rain storms rolling through regularly. Still, it was better than heavy and low rain clouds all day long.

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  1. Some great shots there, thanks for naming the locations.

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