Zion National Park – Two Great Hikes


Zion National Park is a beautiful park with stunning sandstone cliffs rising dramatically on all sides. It is less than three hours from Las Vegas. So it is easy to spend a few days doing some awesome hikes and a few days losing lots of money in the casinos.

On my first visit to Zion I had time to do two great hikes.

The Narrows. A fun water-logged hike that takes you up the Virgin River through impressively narrow and deeply water carved canyons.


Angel’s Landing. Couldn’t capture properly how “exposed” this hike is because I had to concentrate on not dying. What makes this hike so disconcerting (besides the 1488 foot drop* a few feet away) is that the ground is perpetually tilted off center. Also, the copious amounts of wind-blown sand on slick rock. Incredibly beautiful and dramatic. Go if you have the chance. The National Park may one day decide that a person dying every few years is too high a price.

* The Empire State Building is 1454 feet

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