Apr 142011

First trip J and I take to Italy. In fact, this is the first “real” vacation abroad we’ve had since 2004. Our goal was to 1. see many different parts of Italy, 2. not feel insanely rushed the entire trip. I think we had a good balance – a few days each in Rome, Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, and Venice. In short: lovely country, nice people, expensive car rental insurance. My trip gallery is here. A few samples follow the colon:

Sep 282010

I’ve gone back through my back catalog (encompassing roughly the last year) and have added (or updated to) a LOT of new galleries.

I still have to update my main index.html page to reflect these updates.

In no particular order (click on the photo to enter the gallery):

Sheep and Wool (2009)

CERES 50th Anniversary Party

New York City (2009)

Family Visit!

Snows of UP


Aug 172010

Click on the photo to enter the Tucson (and surrounding areas), AZ gallery. These were taken on a recent trip to visit my grandparents. The southwest US is really an alien landscape compared to where I grew up (IA) and now live (MD)