Feb 262012

I picked up a Sony (ugh) Nex-5n with the kit lens, the EVF, and a few old manual focus lenses. It’s fun and somewhat easy to shoot with manual focus lenses on this body since it has something called “focus peaking“. I’ve taken a few hundred photos over the past 24 hours and I’ve got a new walkabout gallery (click the photo at the end).

With the tilting rear LCD it’s very easy to get candid photos. I just hold the camera at my waist and fire away. I actually like doing that better than pulling the camera up to my face. I’ve barely used the (expensive) EVF I purchased.

I’m still working out how to walk, focus, and compose. It’s a lot harder when you don’t have AF.


Sep 162010

The “Walkabout” series was created as a place to display a small collection of photos related only by their creation in a common place and time (within a few hours). I’ve posted very few new Walkabouts in the past few years. This is because I’ve taken less photos and when I have, it’s overwhelmingly been at events or vacations. I’m trying to take more photos and as a result, I have a new Walkabout. Jaime and I were wandering around a local fair and I got enough strong photos to justify making a tiny gallery. I hope you enjoy. (Click on the photo to enter the gallery)